Our survey asked 22 questions about attending an all inclusive adult lifestyle resort in Jamaica or Mexico.  You spent all that money to get there, so how many of you actually have sex with other people? We asked questions like: expectations, sex with other people, and the value of the resort. The results are in with some interesting findings!

The majority of these answers, 78%, are from the population that identifies as male. (Percentages were rounded up or down to the nearest number.)

If you would like to fill out our survey go to: https://forms.gle/S2NLzpbpUZUteYLn7


When people were asked about having sex with other people at an adult lifestyle resort, it’s no surprise our expectations are higher than what actually occurs. Most people expect to have sex with others and actually over half of you did have it. However, what we didn’t ask was, how do you define sex?

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  • 63% expected it
  • 59% had it 2-3 times  
  • 19% had it 4-5 times

Even though more than half of you said you had sex with with other people, the same percentage left the resort feeling disappointed because you did NOT have sex with other people.  Which raises the question, are respondents defining sex the same way?  Who is disappointed: men or women?

Apparently if you want to have sex with other people, you need to bring the party! 88% of the people that are at the resort have already had sex with the same people in the past! In fact, 56% of you coordinate your travel plans with other couples.  

So if you are looking to have sex with NEW people, here are your chances:

  • 50% sometimes
  • 25% often
  • 16% always

We also asked if you thought it was worth the money to pay the premium or “swinger tax” to attend a lifestyle adult resort in Jamaica or Mexico and NOT have sex with other people: 50% said it was worth the upcharge!

When it comes to getting comfortable with someone before you want to have sex we asked how long that takes. Most of you sad a few hours yet most of you wait to get down and dirty until the day before you leave for home.

  • 63% a few hours
  • 25% a few minutes

Only 34% say you close the deal when they are interested in having sex with someone else and a whopping 66% say they want it to “happen organically”.

Could this be the reason why there isn’t more sex at resorts?  Is it confidence?  Lacking proper techniques to close the deal?

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  • 34% – revealed that they don’t know what to say
  • 31% – say it is body image related
  • 16% – fear of rejection
  • 31% – partied too hard!!!

If you would like to fill out our survey go to: https://forms.gle/S2NLzpbpUZUteYLn7