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Getting together with swingers is so much fun, it is easy to forget why we go to lifestyle swinger resorts and hotel events.  Most of us are there to experience sex with other people.  It’s a challenge living your best life with your secret sexual freedom and partying like a rock star in your 20’s.  We figured out key factors to reduce dehydration and keep you between the sheets! 

After getting back from lifestyle vacation, we realized we are still novices at events with pools and lots of sun!  Despite our best efforts to stay hydrated and minimize our sun exposure, the pool was where all the action was. 

We decided we need a new strategy for next time and did an analysis of what occurred and how to prepare!  Read below or listen to our podcast on this topic.


The sun makes you tired!  As your body engages in thermoregulation, it tries to keep your internal temperature to about 98.6 degrees therefore, it works harder to keep you cool, which increases your metabolism, and contributes to feeling tired.  Sunburn also raises your body temperature which leads to more fatigue.  More sun also produces more melatonin so at the end of the day, you feel more tired.  This extra exposure creates more Vitamin D, which is a greater workload on your body. 

My lips were swollen and red, not because I was turned on – they were SUNBURNED!


Dehydration happens quick!  As your body dehydrates your blood gets thicker, your heart works harder, and your brain gets fuzzier.  So if you feel you are making dates to have sex without consulting your partner….this could be why. “It’s the dehydration honey!”  Dehydration accelerators: alcohol, sugar, caffeine, sunburn, standing in water, airplane travel, physical activity (dancing, having sex).  If your favorite go to alcoholic beverage is mixed with a sugary energy drink, you might want to think twice!

Don’t let the water suck your energy – have someone else do it!


Sodium and electrolyte loss must be replaced!  Even if you drink 8 oz. of water for every cocktail consumed, are you replacing the essentials with a Banana Bag instead of a sports drink that has a lot of dehydrating sugar?  It’s a good insurance policy to feeling good while you dehydrate during your swinger vacation!

… or you could try semen which also has sodium, potassium, etc., and it’s fun!


Physical activity in the sun, like that sexy naked game of pool volleyball, creates adenosine which makes us tired.  While it’s fun watching all those boobs bounce in and out of the water, you may want to limit yourself to one pool game. 


Different foods can make you tired if you are eating outside your normal diet.  Carb heavy or rich foods do have an impact on our energy. 

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Time of day is also a factor for energy loss.  We have a natural dip in our hormone cycle around 2 p.m., which is a great nap time before the evening festivities because your melatonin secretion begins at 9 p.m., which is now supercharged by all the daily sunshine you had.

  • NAP every day between 2-4 or fuck during the day!
  • WATER BOTTLE – carry your own water everywhere with electrolytes
  • SUN HAT – wear it!
  • COVERUP – long sleeve clothing.  It’s not sexy but does everyone NEED to see my boobs 100% of the time?  I’d rather save myself for the playroom later.  Besides, I am convinced men can see through clothing!
  • BANANA BAGS – take one or two daily
  • SHADE – more of it
  • ALCOHOL – drink less (if possible)
  • EDIBLES – an alternative if you can travel with them or purchase where you are staying
  • EAT – snacks help
  • INVITE – others out of the pool to have conversations in the shade
  • SIDE SADDLE – sit or lay on the side of the hot tub or pool
  • SHARE – a lounge chair because they are always in short supply.  This is a reprieve from the water.
  • BAR – hanging out at the bar on a cruise is a great way to get out of the sun for some sexy conversation.

There is no doubt that increasing your chances of meeting people will be at the pool or where the majority of people congregate.  If you are not a sun worshiper, you will have to make some concessions and have a plan in order to make those connections.  We try to limit ourselves to sun and pool time, then get a nap.  When we are on a cruise, we definitely hang out at the pool but not in it.  We also don’t hang out in the hot tub.  This helps to maximize our up time for playtime later.

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To quote our good swinger friend, “You have to TRAIN for this shit”!




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