Here we are!…Just kidding….We like the frame. 🙂

It was a long time coming and we bit the bullet to join the many who are paving the way to normalizing non-monogamy in society.  

We started off on swinger dating sites with no faces then came out with faces in the first year.  We rationalized that if you are a swinger on a swinger site, then outing us would out yourself.  

Our second coming out was the podcast and the fear of recognizable voices so we adopted stage names to help with anonymity.  After a few years, people in our swinger community who knew us well and listened to our podcast, didn’t even know it was us.

The next leap took another year – coming out with our faces!  Good friends and long time pod casters Paige and Pen from Swinger Diaries asked us the question, “Why don’t you show your faces?”  It hit us at the right time and place that forced us to reanalyze what it would mean if we came out.

We dove into all the mental gymnastics of family, work, stigmas, fallout, negativity, and doxing.  What would be the reward and why?

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We determined the best way to support the lifestyle community is to be more real and to do that meant showing our faces.

It hasn’t been an easy journey juggling all social media and the technology that goes with it, but we think it is worth the quality we strive to achieve with every podcast.  

We confronted the fear and we hope it’s a good decision.  Please let us know what you think! We’re on the fast train now… Plays Well With Others.