It’s been a fantastic Bliss cruise so far. Fun people, new friends, sexy sights and playtime fun.

One of the best things about the lifestyle is the friends you make. Lifestyle friends are people you can talk to about everything. Because the lifestyle is all about openness with sexuality, you build bonds with your friends that open up conversations that you wouldn’t have with anyone else.

Case in point. We’re walking down the hall on the ship and strike up a conversation with another couple. Then there were two other couples that joined in. Here we were practically strangers yet we all shared a common ground of openness and an understanding that you can talk about sex and no one is going to be offended or judge.

I pull out my phone and scroll through a rather large collection of nude photos to show off one of my favorite sexy models Jemma Suicide. She’s stunning and cute all at the same time.

This all started because of a poster on a fellow cruise goer’s door. A Fuckit list. And everyone was adding to the list and adding checks if they’ve done it. One of the items was German Midget Porn. Which of course brought Jemma to my mind and knowing that I could throw her name out then, show her photos, and discuss how sexy she was… with people I’d only met 5 minutes before. It’s amazing, liberating and breaks down all the ridiculous boundaries that some people have.

It’s just sex and it should be fun. And you should be so lucky to be able to have honest human connections with other adults about sex. We love it.

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