THERE ARE 5 TYPES OF SWINGERS: Vanilla, Hobbyist, Friends Only, DTF, Celestial, and Lifestyler.  Within those types are 2 categories:  Random and Intentional.


The Random Swinger is focused mostly on social engagement or party scene.  We found they can be very flirty and are not primarily focused on sex happening that evening or at that event or vacation.

The Random Swinger category has these 3 types of swingers:  Vanilla, Hobbyist, and Celestial.

There are 2 types of Vanilla Swingers

types of swingers

The first type is someone who “accidentally” engages in partner swapping.  This could be in the hot tub after an evening of consuming alcohol and/or drugs with close friends.  They do it once, check the box “wild and crazy night with friends” and never do it again. 

The second type of Vanilla Swinger is truly vanilla.  They love to hang out with swingers because we are open minded, fun, and sexy!

The Hobbyist Swinger is someone who swings when they have time, and swinging is not their main focus in life.  They dip their toe in from time to time for flirting and fun, but thoughts of swinging don’t dominate their world or consume a lot of their time.

When the stars align, you know you are a Celestial Swinger.  This type of swinger makes no moves or invites to initiate sex but IF in the right place at the right time, something (maybe even penetrative sex) MIGHT happen.

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types of swingers


If you are an Intentional Swinger, you typically have a game plan! You socialize with the intent of getting to know someone just enough before sexual pleasure…or fucking!  You are also good at cultivating contacts, staying in touch, and setting a date for play.

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Friends Only Swinger is a tight knit group of friends that only play inside their circle.  They are commonly fluid bonded, will occasionally play outside the circle, but always come back to the original tribe.  They are comfortable with a group of 6 to 8 people.  It is very difficult to break into an existing group and they often travel together.

Lifestyler Swinger is defined as someone who’s life revolves around swinging most of the time.  All travel and social activities revolve around swinger friends with very little vanilla friends outside of family.  This type of swinger commonly has ongoing growth experiences and may have done deep emotional work to get there. 

Down to Fuck (DTF) Swinger typically has limited time with a preset date to “play” or fuck.  Socializing is done with intent with the focus being on pleasure. 


Knowing the type of swinger you are and the type of encounter you want, can assist you in the following ways:

If you are an Intentional Swinger (DTF, Lifestyler) talking to a Random Swinger (Hobbyist, Celestial) the Random Swinger may appear undecided, noncommittal, and hard to “nail” down.  What they DON’T say is important.  If you are lucky they will tell you, “I prefer to let things happen organically”.  Now you have all the information needed to decide how you want to spend your time.  Do you pursue them or find a person or couple that aligns with your type of play?

Random Swingers make up about 75% of the swinger population. 

Swinger resorts can be tricky for an Intentional Swinger, especially at a resort with only 300 people.  This means 75 people or 37.5 couples might be your type of swinger.  Your options reduce from there due to mismatched mental or physical attraction.  Lower this pool of swingers once more because they are leaving the next day!   

If you are an Intentional Swingers you will definitely have a strategy to swinging and encountering Random Swingers can be frustrating.  Get to know your types and plan accordingly.  Decide if you want to “chase” or pursue a Random Swinger based on the event or vacation you are on.  The pursuit may pay off but only you can decide how you want to spend your time and money.