Hi Ed and Phoebe,

We have been together for 10 years and have never had sex with anyone else.  We are entertaining the idea of having other experiences with people via swinging.  We were planning a trip to a swing club this year but COVID-19 stopped that from happening!

I have a question, how could I overcome my jealousy if I see my girlfriend having an awesome orgasm with another man.    How do I not let this destroy my ego?

Hi A.M.,

Well, it took me quite a long time for me to get use to seeing Ed have sex with someone else.  I mean, this is not something most people normally get to see.  When we started out we were same bed so that we could reassure one another and communicate better since things tend to progress quickly in the beginning with all the hormones and adrenaline flying.  You will never know for sure if you will be jealous or envious going in.  We always checked in with each other and were honest about our communication.  We would stop and regroup if we needed to.

Also, it is important to realize, other couples are far more understanding than you think.  If you are polite and respectful, then most people are happy to comply with any request you have.  If they don’t in this situation, then it is probably best to grab your clothing and git!

It may take time for you to get use to seeing your woman with another man and see her experiencing pleasure.  Just know it is the emotion, connection, and experiences you both have shared with one another that makes YOUR sexual experience the BEST!

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