Hi All,

We want to do a gangbang for her and 10-15 guys. We fantasize about having this experience while I record it. We haven’t found anyone talking about gangbangs in the podcasts. Is this a topic you can talk about in one of yours??  We would love to hear your thoughts and if you have ever witnessed or experienced a gangbang scenario.  Best Regards, ECC


Hello ECC,

We love your idea about a gang bang and I have a fantasy of my own in that department (Phoebe talking).  A game if you will, who’s cock is it?  Of course I would be blindfolded.  So nasty!

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We have an upcoming podcast on gang bangs and how to coordinate one, vet the participants, and keep the space safe with all that testosterone on one room!  We hope to launch that episode next year.

Thanks for listening!