Good afternoon Ed and Phoebe, What’s the best apps for newbies? And is it worth it to just attend a night at the lifestyle club and see what it’s about? Any additional info you can help us with would be wonderful! Thank you for your time!
  Hi A, thank you so much for reaching out to us! It sounds like you are looking for the best place to meet people.  We don’t recommend using the dating or swinger apps since traffic is highly dependent on people in the area using it and with the saturation of so many apps, there just isn’t enough local people on them.  Signing up for a free account with Kasidie, Swing Life Style, and Swinger Dating Club is a good start.  There are also a few other startup swinger sites which may be well suited for your area.  Log in with a free profile first to see who is in your area before purchasing a membership. You will also be able to see all advertised events and get on some mailing lists. Going to a club is also a great idea.  When you go take contact cards.  If you have a printer at home, buy some business card sheets, print some up, then hand them to anyone you want to stay in touch with.  We can’t tell you how many times we tried to find people on swinger sites with their profile name, it was impossible. Create a KiK account  and put that on your card.  The advantage to that chat app is, it’s  completely anonymous and never linked to your cell phone number.  You can also create names that are anonymous.  We found this to be the safest and most comfortable for us as we started to navigate the lifestyle.  In summary on the card: put names or fake names, KiK account, and your profile name on Kasidie, SLS, SDC, etc. In addition, these swing sites have private folders where you can put your face photos once you feel comfortable “opening” your folder to someone who you like.  We are not sure if you have this advantage on a free account, but we have found they have limited features.  So, in the beginning, use these sites to find parties.  It’s the face time that counts and where you will meet the most and best connections! Thank you for listening.  Email us anytime!
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