Where did you guys get your contact cards made?  I wonder if we can still have them done in a week? Also do you always need to dress up for the formal dinners on the Bliss Cruise? If so, long pants I assume?


Hi S,

We got our “ho” cards made with Vista Print.  They have great deals and get them done fast!

We always dressed very nice for dinners – yes to long pants or a kilt if you have one – but they are not formal.  Some of the time we wore the theme for that night to dinner as did half the dining crowd.  I highly recommend eating right when the dining room opens otherwise you will be waiting quite a while for dinner.  We also ate dinner at the buffet many times since the food was just as good, had a larger selection, and you are done eating in no time.  The advantage to one dining venue over the other is the company.  You can choose your company in the buffet area; you cannot in the dining room.  Soooo, if you get seated at a table where the conversation is so-so, your dinner could feel like it’s lasting all night.  Whereas you can choose to sit with whomever you want in the buffet dining room.  If you find that conversation is less than desirable, you can simply excuse yourself to get more food and find another couple to sit with. 

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We hope you have a fabulous time on your upcoming cruise! 

Ed & Phoebe Swinger

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