Hi Phoebe and Ed,

We have two questions for you.

First, any thoughts on making a podcast that focuses on STDs within the lifestyle?  I’ll have to admit that is the one thing that inhibits me the most, terrified of getting one.  At so many events we’ve attended there simply appears to be a disregard for prevention or any conversation on when anyone was tested.  It’s baffling to me.

Second question, will the two of you be sailing on the Bliss cruise this November?  My husband and I are and would love to have a drink with you.


Hi C,

It is absolutely amazing you wrote in at the perfect time asking about STIs.  We JUST recorded that episode last night and it will be released soon.  I will see if Ed can get right on that editing!

Here it is, the epsiode on STIs and Testing.

The main thing I have struggled with is the different lubes and condoms in the lifestyle.  Those two variables seem to give me the most issues for my lady bits.  I have learned to carry my own lube and hand out condoms freely.  We will also be recording and releasing an episode on that topic as well.  (Here Is a link to our episode on Lube) If you find you have challenges with yeast infections and BV, I recommend going with non-latex condoms and using any lube from Good Clean Love.

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Drinks would be lovely….

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