We’ve partnered with a few amazing sexual health companies, lifestyle websites, and thrown in some swinger products to provide additional benefits to our listeners. Plus these links help us to spread the word about our content to a larger audience.  If you’re a podcaster or YouTube content creator, we also have some fun links for you as well!

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Swinger University Super Fans, Vacations, and Merchandise

Sexy Extra Content

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Swinger University Merch

Our exclusive swinger clothing line, designed by Ed. These unique designs can’t be found anywhere else, and you help support us by spreading the word about Swinger University. We offer a variety of designs, colors, and more…

Ed and Phoebe on Bliss Cruise in Bikini

Swinger Vacations

Feeling run down and overwhelmed by vanilla life? Maybe you need to get away and relax surrounded by fellow swingers and sex-positive people!

We’ve partnered with a few event promoters to bring you these amazing opportunities.

Swinger Sites

Kasidie – Swinger Site

Connect with other swingers, find upcoming events, travel, and more.

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SDC – Swinger Site

Connect with other swingers, find upcoming events, travel, or educational content about swinging.

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Swing – Swinger Site

Connect with other swingers, find upcoming events, travel, and more.

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Lustery – Porn, by couples for couples

The home of real-life partners, filming their sex lives, behind closed doors. A community of people who enjoy watching real intimacy and emotion in porn. Welcome to your new playground.

Podcasting & Content Creation

Podcast Hosting

Are you interested in starting a podcast for your hobby? We switched over to BuzzSprout and love their service. It’s easy to use, flexible, and feature-rich. Audiogram production is built right in, and their stats are great!

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Podcast, YouTube, and OnlyFans Equipment

The Swinger University podcast studio has evolved as our show has evolved. If you’re looking to start a podcast and you’re not sure where to begin, want to upgrade your equipment, and or you’re curious about what we use to produce our show, look no further! This link will take you to the current kit we use for all our episodes. Plus we get a commission if you buy through our links.