In this podcast episode, we’re going to share some tips on how to present yourself when dating and swinging. We’ll cover where to go and how to build a great profile, including websites and apps.

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First, it’s important to advertise yourself effectively. This involves sharing your story and what’s exciting about you. Sharing sexy pics and videos can also be helpful, but it’s important to reflect what you are looking for. Is it a long term relationship, FWB, or casual hook-up?

When looking for events, it’s essential to find the right website or app specific to your region, especially the smaller sites and apps. This may require some time and effort, but it’s worth it to find the best options. The larger dating sites will list local venue events and house parties which are great opportunities to connect with others.

When it comes to creating a profile, be thorough, thoughtful, and honest. Gain inspiration from other profiles, be positive, and clearly state your preferences and boundaries. Photos are also essential, including both partner photos and current pictures. It’s important to dress up, take fun photos, and include both face pics and pics doing other hobbies.

Remember, your profile is not set in stone and can be fine-tuned over time as your preferences and boundaries change. By following these tips, you’ll be putting your best foot forward and making a good first impression in the swinger community.

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