We explore the benefits of moaning in the bedroom during sex and foreplay. Moaning is a natural sound that can create a sense of intimacy and vulnerability between partners, transport us to a place of heightened sensory pleasure, and drop us into our core sexual energy.

It’s also a form of communication that tells your partner what feels good and what doesn’t, resulting in a more pleasurable experience for both partners. However, faking a moan can set up miscommunication in the bedroom, so it’s essential to own your moans and express your pleasure authentically.

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If you’re feeling self-conscious about moaning, we provide some tips to help you gain confidence in your self-expression, including starting off with some mood lighting, talking to your partner ahead of time, incorporating different elements during foreplay, and practicing in front of the mirror. Tune in to discover how moaning can create a more pleasurable experience for both you and your partner.

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  • Sound = Important Role in Life
  • Form of communication
  • Faking = wrong road map!
  • Tips for those feeling self-conscious
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