Do you want to know how to turn your sex life around in 10 days?!  We talk to our very sexy guest, Layla London, from The Curious Girl Diaries who invites you as a voyeur into her diary of sexual encounters.  Layla also opens up about her past experiences with crappy encounters and offers valuable insights on how to turn things around and create great sexual experiences through a vetting process. You will also want to hear how we discuss shame in the swinging lifestyle and the importance of addressing it a social setting.

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Be sure to check out the time stamps below:

  • Layla’s Sex Party Experience [0:32:37]
  • Phoebe Fingered it Out with a Woman [1:03:03]
  • How to Address Being Shamed in a Social Setting [0:44:34]

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The Beginning

  • 3.5 years with ZERO sex.
  • Why? How?
  • Nonexistent sex life turnaround = 10 days
    • What did this look like?
    • Vetting process for a date
    • Staying unattached
    • Keeping the cuddle to 5 minutes vs. overnight
    • Creepy people & Safety

The Unsexy Truth

  • Crappy experiences
  • How to turn it around
  • Vetting process for a good and hopefully great experience
  • Experience Shame?

Swinger Community is

  • Respectful
  • Contentious
  • Confidence
  • Every body, Everyone, Every walk of life
  • Acceptance

Layla’s Sex Party Experience

Sexual exploration is for everyBODY.

Addressing Shame in a Social Setting

  • Don’t take on discomfort
  • No Need to Defend
  • Be a Mirror
  • Turn it around
  • Swift and terrible: a specific action has a specific consequence.

Random Fun Questions

  • Circumcised or Un-circumcised?
  • Favorite Condom
  • Favorite Lube
  • Favorite Vibrator
  • Consistent Orgasms: Masturbation or Sex?
  • Mutual Masturbation: hot or not?
  • Tacos: Crispy or Soft
  • Bourbon: Neat or on the Rocks?
  • Dirty talk: Yes or No?
  • Sexual Partners: More than 50? More than 100?

Communicating What Feels Good to Your Partner

  • Men are generally good pleasers, want to get women off.
  • Women need to get more comfortable saying what you want.
  • Feed the beast!
  • Onus lies on women to articulate and communicate what they want.

Phoebe FINGERed it Out with a Woman [1:03:03]

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