We explore two intriguing topics: why the heck “cunt” is so controversial, and why women feel the need to shave their pubic hair to look like children down there!  So get ready for a deep dive as we shed some light on their history and cultural significance.

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  1. Introduction
    • Language is constantly evolving
    • Slang is a prime example of this
    • One word that has undergone a significant evolution in meaning is “cunt”
  2. Evolution of “Cunt”
    • Medieval Times – Not Offensive
    • Rise of Puritanism – Changed Connotation
    • Today, “cunt” = most offensive words in the English language – in the United States
  3. The etymology of “cunt” is contested
    • Questions Raised by the Evolution of “Cunt”
    • How did it become so offensive?
    • The power of words
  4. Reclamation of “Cunt”
    • 14th century, reclaim
    • Feminist artists in the 1970s
    • Women and the word today
  5. Evolution of Body Hair Removal
    • Ancient Egypt, body hair – uncivilized and unhygienic
    • Ancient Greece, women = hairless, men = sign of masculinity
    • Middle Ages, shaving pubic hair = prostitution
    • Renaissance, a full bush = sexy
  6. Cultural Beliefs and Biases
    • Body hair removal – symbol of class, purity, masculinity/femininity
    • Note: many beliefs have cultural biases
  7. Conclusion
    • Language evolution and cultural attitudes towards sex and the body are deeply intertwined
    • Examining the history of words and practices can help us understand our own cultural attitudes
    • We can work towards creating a more inclusive and accepting society.

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