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Compersion is learning to grow through other feelings, in order to get to that one. Join us as we speak with the actors and play writes from “Compersion”. Nik and Mik use their autobiographical stories to create an intimate and steamy theatrical experience.

“Compersion” is an adult-only play that celebrates a healthy lifestyle in ethical nonmonogamy, where the characters explore real-life scenarios and participate in erotic intimacy scenes. The audience is also given an opportunity to participate in the play, making it a truly interactive and immersive experience.

Prior to the play, the guests get to enjoy a meet and greet with the cast and crew, where they can learn more about the play and ask any questions they may have. For those who are curious about swinging, “Compersion” provides a real-life look into what one might expect in a swinger event or encounter.

Join us as we speak with the talented writers and actors behind “Compersion” and explore the themes of ethical nonmonogamy and compersion in a refreshing and thought-provoking way.

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Mrs SR (Nicole – Nikki) began her performing career with a dance-in-education company touring Australia before further training at Broadway Dance Studios, New York. On her return she ran the company for another 10 years whilst appearing in theatre, film and television. Currently she works as a youth theatre director, specializing in disability arts and ASD. Her passion is social advocacy work on cultural diversity and recidivism projects with theatre companies and local government organizations.

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Mr SR (Michael – Mik) is a Doctor of cultural anthropology, an actor, award-winning director, published playwright, and has toured internationally in UK, USA and Australia. In 2016 he broadcast the first ‘livestream performance’ from an Adelaide Fringe. This project was based on his MPhil about an autistic theatre company for which he has presented findings at the Royal Anthropological Institute (UK). He is a freelance Creative Director for governments, commercial enterprises, and arts festivals, creating large-scale immersive art events.


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  • 20 year Marriage – Getting Started – Experiences
  • Deciding on Content
  • Real Sex? – Yes!
  • Audience Participation/Engagement
  • Reciting Lines from the Play
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