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The 7 Communication Skills You Need For A Swinger Party

Have you communicated about how you are communicating for an event?  We will cover pre-event communication, pep talk, non-verbal and verbal communication and signals.  We share some of our favorite exit phrases we have heard over time and talk about how important it is to have a post event conversation.

  1. Pre-event Preparation Communication
  2. Pre-event Pep Talk
  3. Non-Verbal Signals
  4. Verbal Phrases
  5. Missed Communication Signals
  6. Non-verbal Communication
  7. Post event Wrap-up
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Anything But Clothes Swinger Party

A review of one of the fabulous swinger events in Northern California produced by Allures with DJ Black Ice.  A unique, sexy and sensual swing lifestyle experience that draws new and long-time swingers for dancing, and on-premise play.

  1. Getting Ready:  “The first part about getting ready for any event whether a drink date or party, is to primp, prune and pluck.”
  2. Setting the Scene: The Hotel and Event description

  3. Fun & Sexy Things: How our night went and some of the fun we had



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Swinger Events: Costs, Expectations, & Boundaries

In today’s course we are going to talk about dipping in to your first swinger event.  We will cover: cost, boundaries, intent, goals, reconnecting, and the afterglow.  Attending your first swing event can be terrifying, exciting and fun.  You will learn more about yourself and each other with each swinger event.  So, cum inside….it’s class time!