Have you ever thought about how you communicate with your partner before, during, and after an event? In this episode, we’ll cover the 7 communication skills you will need; everything from pre-event communication to post-event wrap-up.

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We’ll start by discussing pre-game preparation talks, including establishing rules and goals for the evening. We’ll also share some of our favorite pre-event pep talks and discuss how to manage nerves.

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Next, we’ll delve into non-verbal signals and verbal phrases, including those that are off-limits, and how to recover when communication is misinterpreted. We’ll also discuss non-verbal communication in the heat of the moment, including the ripcord signal and the deer in the headlights.

Finally, we’ll wrap up by talking about the importance of discussing both the good and the scary things that may come up after an event, including feeling disconnected or overwhelmed.

Whether you’re a seasoned event-goer or just starting out, this episode is packed with tips and insights to help you communicate more effectively with your partner. So join us on YouTube or your favorite podcast player for the 7 Communication Skills you need as a swinger!

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