Welcome to this episode of our podcast where we have the pleasure of interviewing Jackie Golob, a sex therapist, coach, and holistic healer. Jackie is the proud owner of Shameless Therapy & Consulting Services, LLC, a practice that incorporates sexual self-care into therapy and coaching sessions with individuals and couples.

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During our conversation, we delve into the world of sex therapy and explore the stigma surrounding therapy for couples. Jackie provides us with insights into the common anxiety and shame that couples may experience around sex and how they can overcome these issues. She also shares tips on how to deal with jealousy in relationships, emphasizing that comprehension is key.

We discuss the party vs. connection lifestyle and how shame can affect a person’s playtime. Jackie provides tips on how to overcome body image issues and encourages self-discovery through compassion for oneself. We also explore ways that couples can improve their communication and how emotional maturity plays a role in one’s lifestyle.

As a sex therapist, Jackie places importance on understanding pleasure zones and encourages exploring oneself and trying kink. She has also created a sexual self-help deck of cards with questions to enhance one’s sexual self-care.

Don’t forget to check out Jackie’s website, http://shamelesstherapy.org, where you can sign up for her newsletter and receive freebies. Follow her on YouTube @sextherapistjackie and Instagram @sextherapistjackie for more insightful content. Jackie also made a  sexual self-care deck with questions to be able to use as a reflection tool to enhance your sexual self care!

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Join us in this fascinating conversation and discover how to live your best, shameless, and sexy life!

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Show Notes:

  • Intro
  • Who is Jackie Golob?
  • Which Couples are Seeking Sex Therapy
  • Stigma Around Therapy
  • Couples Coaching
  • Anxiety and Shame Around Sex
  • Jealousy
  • Jackie’s Tips for Jealousy, Comprehension is Key!
  • Lifestyle: Party vs. Connection
  • How Shame Can Affect Your Play Time
  • Shame Around Sex
  • Tips for Overcoming Body Image Issues
  • Compassion for Self, and Self-discovery
  • How Can Couples Be Better Communicators
  • Lifestyle and Emotional Maturity
  • Pleasure Zones!
  • Exploring yourself, and trying Kink
  • Sexual Self-Help Cards
  • Wrap Up
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