Join us in this exciting episode as we recount our mesmerizing catamaran cruise experience at Hedonism II in Negril Jamaica! 🌊✨ Overcoming our initial hesitations due to motion sickness, we set sail on a smooth, scenic journey along the beautiful coastline. From breathtaking sunsets to swimming in crystal-clear waters, this cruise offers a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure. Discover hidden caves, interact with cliff divers, and enjoy lively music and fun games aboard. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or someone looking to unwind, this episode is packed with tips and stories to inspire your next adventure. Don’t miss out on the unexpected twists and the fun we had along the way!

Key Topics:

Overcoming motion sickness
Highlights of the catamaran cruise
Cliff diving and exploring cave systems
Social activities and games onboard
Tips for first-time cruisers at Hedonism

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One of the fun activities here at Hedonism is the catamaran cruise, which we strongly recommend.

I was very hesitant to do it because we both get motion sick, me more so than you, and I didn’t bring any Dramamine, although I could have gotten some at the nurses station, but there are, as you know, plenty of doctors and nurses in the lifestyle. So some of them had Dramamine and some of them had anti-nausea medicine that they happened to hunt it in their little first aid kit. They always carry with them them, and so we both popped a Zofran and anti-nausea medicine and we refined. It’s fine whether that truly worked or the catamaran was done. So smooth that you didn’t feel seasickness at all at all. I can’t tell you you, but what I can tell you is the cruise was amazing and beautiful. And I loved it and I said it about eight times because I didn’t feel sick. And it’s so nice when you don’t feel sick. Yeah, yeah, for sure. It’s an out and back cruise. It goes out and you can watch the sunset kind of at the tail end ride all the way down the coast to Rick’s and Ivan’s, which are two of the famous restaurants

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in the area. And just before you get to those restaurants, they pull the boat up to these rocky cliffs. There are cliff divers there, the catamaran folks and the cliff divers kind of work in partnership. So if you would like to tip them, you need to bring cash with you. We didn’t know that. We didn’t have anything, so we couldn’t tip them. Pretty bad. Yeah. Yeah. I got nothing. Didn’t have anything. But what’s fun about that is you put on your life preservers, your vests, and you kind of bob in the water and swim. There’s actually a cave system that goes through. It sounds massive and elaborate. It’s not. It’s like a little U-turn thing. Pretty sure. But it’s fun. It’s fun. And you’re paddling around in some of the bluest, clear water that I’ve probably ever swam in. So pretty. Yeah. Even the water in Costa Rica, which was warm, everything kind of gets churned up. And so you can’t really see into it here. The whole trip you could see to the bottom. Yeah. It was pretty crazy. We kept looking for fish or hoping to see something we didn’t see anything. But yeah, beautiful, beautiful water and not warm. It was actually kind of refreshing because we’d been on the boat and dancing around and worked up a little bit of a sweat. But not cold either. But not cold. Yeah. It wasn’t chilly at all. I mean, it was perfect. Perfect, cool temperature. Not hot tub temperature. Pool temperature. Yeah. And the catamaran will, of course, have alcohol. They had snacks on there, although not the snacks that I thought they were going to have. Little bags of chips. Yeah. But each cruise, I think, could be different based on when you’re here and what group you’re with. And music, plenty of music. Bring your earplugs if your ears are sensitive because the music was quite loud. And the other thing that this particular group did when we were here is they had a game at the end on the way back. And it was a really fun game. I’m not going to describe exactly what that was, but it was of a sexual nature. Yes. With some sex toys and it was really fun. And the people that participated got to have that sex toy. They’re not because once you use it, you can’t sell it or give it away. So it was theirs to keep. It was really fun and sexy to watch and got everyone all supercharged. And what ended up happening was that other people got supercharged and other play and frisky things started to happen on the cat. We may or may not have participated in that. We can’t confirm that. Dutcheng and other things may have occurred. Yeah. Which was funny because we’d all just been in the ocean, so we were very salty. Yeah. A little sticky. Which wasn’t the sexiest, but it didn’t seem to stop us at all. The other game is riding past all of vanilla boats and flashing them. They will all kind of line up on the side of the cat and try and get pictures of you as you go by. So if you are camera shy and you don’t want to be photographed with a bunch of swingers on a Hito boat, then pay attention to where the boats are coming up and either move into the middle or just turn your back so that they can’t see you. And the captain’s very good. The DJ is very good at telling you that. So you have time to move your butt. But if you’re not, you’re in an exhibition. It’s like we are and we’re not camera shy, obviously. We were on the other side. Yes. Flashing and dancing. I was half. Yeah. So it was fun. It was fun. It was a lot of fun. Yeah, it was a lot of fun. We were probably on all kinds of people’s Twitter pages. So hopefully. If we’d had a banner or something, it would have been even better. But there you go. Yeah. The evening kind of rolls up on you as you’re coming back into port and you get to watch the sunset, which is great. Yes. It’s it’s beautiful here. And the ocean view is fantastic. We had these great clouds, all kinds of color in them. And we all disembarked and came back here to the land. The land of sun and fun. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Highly recommend it.

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