It’s not all fun and games in paradise. Phoebe and I discuss the challenges of pool time when trying to connect and flirt when both partners aren’t right next to each other… We try out the Italian restaurant, hit the spa, and dance our butts off at a glow party. We also discuss the challenges of how desire is fluid, so matching up with others can be tricky.

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02:36 – Spa Services
04:23 – Pool Time Issues
06:50 – Italian Food
07:48 – Glow Party!
10:50 – How Desire Changes

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Here we are at day four for hedonism. We had some friends come in late from our area which was nice to greet them and welcome them to hedonism.

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We did a workout by the pool. Normally there’s yoga three days of the week but Nadi Jim stepped in and took over. Oh my god it was so fun so let’s describe it. I think every trip that we go on especially swinger vacations we bring workout clothes we bring workout shoes and we bring you know all the the things that we would need to be able to hit the gym and I think I think once on the cruise and we did go to the gym once. It was too crowded. Yeah it was it was the swingers like to work and even the gym here we heard this morning this morning was very crowded very quick back to workout but it may or may not actually happen just but prepared get there really early. We went down to the beach each at the the Prudzup pool so if you’re familiar with hedo there’s a pool on the other side of the resort bar there right on the beach the toe it’s pretty cool you can see the ocean in the back and the bound it’s beautiful it was shady shady too not too hot goodness because it was hot because it was at yeah nine in the morning yeah it warms up pretty quick around here. There are little cabanas with beds around the pool and we moved them the mattresses off to the side and we did a little bit of a team high intensity interval workout it was a fun workout it wasn’t hard it was 20 minutes long we did a little bit of a warm-up some jumping jacks some you know up downs and then we dipped into the pool twice did six up downs and then we did step ups and then we tagged and Phoebe did her round you really did get a good workout and it was fun because it was team-based you got to see what other people were doing so there’s a little bit of a competitive element and how many people work out with their pool and do like body weight workout at the same time and their partner yeah we do body weight workouts in our living room we don’t have access to a pool there in the living room which would be fun i know a totally different level of living that could be where the fire pit is yeah put a little pool in there a little plunge pool that would be messy i think it was different it was nothing like either one of us had done before it was genius it was fun we had a we had a good time there was another one today which we missed but that’s because we were dancing all night long one of the other free surfaces that the resort has on site is a kama sutra workshop that’s very popular we tried to get in yes we arrived 15 minutes early and they had already locked the doors so hopefully maybe we could try and get into that today i really want to check that out in addition they have a kama sutra massage somebody described what this was the other day and i had no idea the therapist uses their entire body to give you a massage so it’s kind of erotic without the happy ending they did a little description on it and you know the hair drag they you know cross your body and use their own body on on your body so i was i was thinking i might want to try that could be fun could be right so i’m gonna ask you a few more questions and then i might have to book that because i i want that experience so not knowing that i got till afterwards i got a regular massage i really like the deep tissue massages and i i did need that because after a day of travel and sleeping out from bed etc neck tension back dancing doing things that you normally don’t do right so it was well worth it and i will say for someone who’s been receiving massage for about 40 years and i’m not kidding you because i started getting them when i was about age 15 this was one of the best masseuses i have ever had massage my body she was amazing she got she really worked the knots in here and i loved feeling quite awesome so i would i would highly encourage you to take advantage of that services and they have other services too hair and nails didn’t know that waxy just like a normal spot we headed over to the pool afterwards and i get in the pool most of the time because i don’t have lady part issues and dealing with chlorine and all the fun stuff so i can bob around in the water for the whole time but that does kind of set us up at a at a strange disadvantage and we were having some issues with that yesterday yeah there’s another couple that sit together on the side of the pool every day because she doesn’t want to get in the water either because the chlorine really messes with her vaginal ph as it does with mine and honestly when i look at the pool it’s pretty cloudy with a lot of sunscreen and stuff i just really don’t want to stand in that and that’s just my preference a lot of people don’t mind i i just don’t like that for myself ed was doing all a lot of the hunting for us that day and a lot of flirting and making connections however as a unanticipated side effect i was starting to feel left out right right and i i couldn’t figure out why and i thought oh because he’s not here with me on the sidelines because i thought oh it’d be no problem him just go out there do some hunting flirting did i bring people back people weren’t coming up to me to talk to me i think because you weren’t there so people didn’t feel like they could approach me without you there yeah i think you know that’s our theory it’s kind of like a thing i’m not sure i’m not sure what it was but anyway i left and decided to go and have some quiet time on the beach which was very lovely um and then we had a conversation about that but uh we’re gonna try a new strategy today where he’s gonna sit on the edge of the pool with me and see what happens this is a bit of a social experiment see who try something different who comes up to talk to us because when you’re not in the pool making things happen you rely on people coming to you yes so that’s more challenging because the activity is all in here and you are literally on the sidelines so we’re yeah we’ll see how it works out it seems working fine for our super cute hot couple that sits on the side of the pool it kind of holds court they don’t seem to have any problems but uh we are not the same people so we’ll see yeah somehow those those that they weren’t they weren’t directing people my way that i’m gonna have to start yeah like overflow right yeah i need overflow you know we’ll see we’ll see we always greet them too which is fine yeah yeah they’re super nice for dinner we tried a different restaurant we tried the pasta restaurant that night i do not eat pasta but i was happy to find something that i really enjoyed there that was not curb based and it was amazing i would say i like that better than the habachi place and we will definitely go to that place again and i’ll pick something different than what i had because it didn’t sit well with me there’s a lot of rich food here and if you’re not eating used to eating rich food it might play a little bit of havoc with your stomach yeah and i’ll say too if you’re not used to drinking regularly or consistently

that will also wreak havoc with your diet so yeah it’s one of those things you’re on vacation and so your body is not going to react the same way so yeah bring extra stuff like tums and whatnot so that you are prepared to continue your vacation even if there are unforeseen circumstances the theme party for that night was glow party let me tell you it was pretty epic they set up this big massive structure like in a concert type of scaffold and all the glow fabric black lights people dressed great yeah they had a fun time they also provided us with like bobble head glow ball and glow bracelets blinky bracelets uh little led foam you know like

rave sticks sticks rave sticks yeah and they flew in someone from a different group that does events here yeah they’re the dj they’re a big group that we’ve heard about them in the past and they they do their own week here at hedo um so it was it was nice to hear a different dj and kind of changed things up a little bit the music mix was a little bit different and because it was a glow party they kind of did more of an edm theme and so even even the music they were blend genre so there was like a metallica song that they blended with something lady gaga i think yeah it was katie perry it was super cool it was insane i was like oh my god i would never thought of this mashup yeah but he was able to really read the crowd well and started with some 80s mashups with modern and then he the middle of the set was a little more more hip-hop at the end like a good sandwich he brought it back around towards more of that 80s with modern and that was more my jam so in the middle i got to rest and rehydrate and then dance my pants off at the beginning and dance my pants off at the end and then everyone was a hot sweaty mess right oh my god claire was everywhere i would say people really split up at that point they put on a soundtrack for people to continue partying up there some people jumped in the pool like i know 20 feet to their left right because they opened the pool at night which they don’t normally do the upper pool right next to the dining room right a group stayed a group split off and did karaoke at the piano bar and then another group came down to the nude pool which is where we went and yeah and what was interesting too is that people spent a little bit of time at karaoke and then when that was done then they filtered back down to the nude pool so by the end of the evening things were just getting started we were going to bed yeah it was already two something yes and apparently people were down here till like four or five in the morning till the bar actually closes at five yes so it was it was hopping last night it was the night it was pretty epic i would say that night and eastern night the bunny night those those uh those parties were pretty pretty rocking yeah i liked them yeah made a lot of connections had some really great intellectual conversations with people and now we’ve got about what three people on our list we started with one solid couple on our list it went to five now we’re down to three solid couples that we think we will end up playing with today but it’s funny how day to day it kind of changes and the couple that we thought we would definitely play with has now fallen off the list so this is the life of a swinger yeah you gotta you gotta roll with it right things change people change people change the circumstance change so be flexible have fun and be open to new opportunities because you never know who’s going to roll in people we had breakfast with today made the list from nowhere came out of left field and they’re a lot of fun yeah so uh wish us luck

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