Today’s elective course is about the April 2019 Bliss Swinger Cruise. We’ll talk about what to expect, what to bring, and some sexy stories from our first ever Bliss Swinger Cruise. Grab your sunscreen cause its a hot one. Let’s get sailing…

Friends, Sex, Travel, Parties, Events! All at

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Choose from any of the cruises we have listed here to start your own sexy high-seas adventure. Enjoy all the amenities of a vanilla cruise with as much or as little swinger sparkles on top! Do as much or as little as you want, or whoever you can connect with (assuming consent of course! 😉)

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Spring 2024, and Fall 2024 are all sold out! But they’ve added a Spring 2026 ship so book now!

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Bliss Cruise Nov 2021, Pre-Cruise – Crossing Our Fingers That It All Goes Well 🤔

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