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YOUR PENIS SIZE can be affected by health conditions, genetics, and how you think out your body. You can’t do anything about your genetics, but you can do something about your health and mental state.   

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Diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol all affect blood flow, and the narrowing or blockage of blood vessels.  Not having enough blood flow to your penis contributes to erectile dysfunction aka ED.

Obesity can visually make your penis size look smaller by hiding under your abdomen.  One way to improve that is to….yes…exercise more.  The other thing you can do is get more sleep or better quality sleep.

Testosterone has an effect on penis size because it gradually decreases as you age resulting in the loss of elasticity, increased atrophy, and potential alterations to nerve structure. You can help counter act that with hormone replacement therapy (see below for more details.)

Kegels, yes men have them!  If your penis is hiding in your body, you can improve the visual length by doing Kegel exercises. Kegels also help your penis stay engorged longer, thus improving your performance.


Either you are blessed with a big one or not and genetics is the reason why.  For example, if you are from Ecuador, the average penis size is 6.93 inches, France is 6.19 in., Germany 5.71 in., Hong Kong 4.4 in., and the United States is 5.34 inches.  Since you cannot help your genetics, you can use other tools mentioned below.

A “webbed” penis is a rare condition you might have that visually makes the penis look smaller.  This is because the scrotum is attached higher on the penile shaft.  You can have this altered cosmetically as a teen or adult.    


Depression, stress, and negative self-talk all contribute to your inability to get erect or rock hard like you want to be.  Therapy can be a great way to ease your mind and find coping mechanisms that relieve stress. Also upping your workout routine will help. Hormones also affect our mental state, check out that possible solution below.


Certain supplements like Slo-Mag and Melatonin can help you get better sleep and improve your mood, this in turn will help your mental state and your physical health.  Exercise will also kick in the hormones associated with relaxation.  

Cock rings are very popular and some of them can look like jewelry.  More men are sporting these around because they are just plain sexy!  Depending on the size, you run the risk of long term damage if you leave it on longer than 20 minutes.

A vacuum pump also works well and can be used before sex or for a sexy photo shoot. Remember, they are only temporary.

Surgery was also mentioned in this article but should be used with caution.

Jelqing is a set of penis stretching exercises that creates microtears in the penile tissue.  The results are minimal or temporary and can be a little risky.

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Why not maximize the penis you have? Prescriptions are very common for providing fuller erections due to increased blood flow.  Sildenafil (Viagra), Tadalafil (Cialis), Vardenafil (Levitra), and Avanafil (Stendra).  All of them last about 4-6 hours except Cialis which lasts 36 hours.  Stendra is the fastest acting ED medicine with an effective time as little as 15 minutes, all the others take 30 minutes to an hour.  

The last thing you can do in addition to everything else is testosterone replacement therapy.  This has become a popular and lucrative business for many doctors and nurse practitioners. Find someone in your area that can write a prescription for daily testosterone injections or you can have them insert time released pellets. Many insurance companies will cover the testosterone if administered by injection.


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