Have you ever been playing with a new sexual partner and the condom slips off?  How was it communicated to you?  What was your reaction?  Can you come back from this?

Instead of brushing it off as no big deal, we are going to reveal my process and outline it in our blog so it may help you address a similar situation or any situation that involves consent and violations of consent.  We are proof that you can preserve the relationship and friendship if you so desire.

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Episode Outline

  1. What do you do when the condom slips off during play?
    • Brush it off?
    • Address it?
    • Ghost the person?
  2. Who is at fault?
    • User?
    • Recipient?
  3. How does it happen?
    • Dark room
    • Sex position
  4. Our story:
    • Type of friendship
    • Length of friendship
    • The situation
      • Lack of disclosure
  5. How to have the conversation:
    • Tell them what happened ahead of time
    • Don’t blindside them
    • Express you aren’t ready to talk about it
      • Set a date
      • Gives them time to process also
  6. Using the 7 Steps from Consent Academy
    • What occurred
    • Feelings
    • Impact
    • Unknown future impact
    • What I would like
    • What I need
    • How to make amends
  7. How to move forward
    • Friendship
    • Safety
  8. New ways to prevent it happening again!


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