In this episode we talk about communication tools for connecting with other swingers.  How does in-site email work, chat rooms, Kik, MeWe and a handful of swinger dating apps. We even give you some times for sniffing out fake profiles.  These technologies, some of them geared specifically to swingers, offer a great way to get in-touch and stay connected with other people in the swing lifestyle.  However, they do have their share of hiccups, and we share some stories about our adventures with virtual people.

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  1. Swinger Site Email: Pros v. Cons
  2. Swinger Site Chat Rooms: Pros v. Cons
  3. Swinger Chat Apps: Kik, MeWe, etc.
  4. Swinger Dating Apps: Bumble, 3-Fun, etc.
  5. Text Messaging
  6. Google Images & PicFind
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