Follow us down the rabbit hole as we expose scam dating sites. Whether you’re single or a swinger this episode may just save you a lot of suffering and time on the phone with your credit card company. Listen in as we walk through some great techniques for checking to see if the dating site you’re about to sign up with may in fact be a scam.

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Show Notes:

  1. Rabbit hole of deceit!
  2. 100 Sites of doom…
  3. What looks good may be really bad…
  4. Right clicky thing – “Search Google for image”
  5. Scam tracking sites
  6. Be aware of these companies:
    1. VodFunPay
    2. Cintilet
    3. Blue Mouse Limited
    4. Desdemona Limited
    5. HubPeople
    6. Augustine Limited
    7. NetFanPix Limited
    8. SOL Networks Limited
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