The benefits of kissing…not only is it good for your health, increase connection with your partner, kick things off in the bedroom, it may also help you pick your next swing partner!  We cover fun facts, why people kiss and 5 kissing techniques.

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  1. Fun Facts
  2. Health Aspects
  3. Techniques
  4. Reasons We Kiss
  5. Book: The Art of Kissing by William Cane
  6. Interview: NPR with William Cane and Alex Chadwick where William talks about the Liposuction Kiss.

Bonus! Here are the results of our kissing survey:

Graph of responses to: when was your first kiss
Graph of responses to: do you enjoy kissing
Graph of responses to: Been told you are a good kisser?
Graph of responses: Are you are a good kisser?
Graph of responses: Do you kiss when you swing?
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