Phoebe and I did a full swap with Toronto Unicorn and had a great time! We filmed it, and recorded audio too… Oh not THAT kind of full swap, but we did have about as much fun as you can recording a podcast. Listen in as we get to know each other a little better, learn about the Toronto lifestyle and their clubs, plus a few secrets for hunting unicorns. We also discuss safety, relationship risks, and Phoebe’s early insecurities and deprogramming.  It’s a wild ride and we think you’ll like listening in.

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  • Swinging is more than sex
  • Evangelizing swinging
  • Swinger Cruises
  • Fluidity of sex
  • Toronto sex clubs
  • Sex positivity and body image
  • Single males
  • Desires and fantasies
  • Dominant unicorn
  • Bait and switch
  • Argument for clubs
  • Safety in the lifestyle
  • Risks for your relationship
  • Phoebe’s insecurities & deprogramming

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