Ed and Phoebe reveal how they have grown as swingers in the lifestyle as individuals and as a couple.  Over the past 10 years, their lives have become richer, more satisfying, and deeply connected.    

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Show Notes

  • Confidence in the lifestyle, dressing sexy, walking around naked, nudist resorts, and a strip tease in the ballroom!
  • Comfortable mixing and mingling with others. Growing out of our introvertedness.
  • Adapting to swinger situations, sucky kissing, different body types, and dicks that don’t cooperate.
  • Bi-sexual and Phoebe’s new identity!
  • Watching Ed and becoming a Cuck Queen?
  • One and done is a thing of the past? Not as many one timers and not afraid of the connection.
  • FWB seems to be the way to go if you get lucky enough to find a couple that stays in the lifestyle.
  • Soft Swap has always been our favorite and continues to be just as fun as full.
  • Velcro is no longer needed when we are at an event. Mingling separately isn’t as frightful!
  • Costumes have become more fun and are less a pain in the ass.
  • Sex with other people has become very fulfilling!
  • Old fucks are becoming some of the best fucks.
  • Kiss-n-tell, everyone does it, so get over it!
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