Hello swingers! It’s officially open. We really wanted more control over our public face so we decided to launch a new website.

I’ve run WordPress sites for years, but coordinating Libsyn, WordPress, a new theme, as well as launching this weeks episode (our first interview ever! 🥳) turned out to have a few hiccups. That’s the life of the tech guy… putting out fires.

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Knock on wood I’ve figured it all out.

We now have a sponsor page, a blog, and hopefully soon some exclusive content for patrons. We’d love to hear what our listeners want as a bonus for supporting us, so if you’ve got ideas let us know.

Now to the party! It’s the annual Allures Halloween party here in Sacramento. We have a bunch of friends coming, and we hope to make more friends both nights. We’ve got our outfits ready, snacks set out, and our libidos primed. Let the fun begin.

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Ed & Phoebe