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How To Find Other Uses for Your Tongue

Communication with other swingers is just as fluid as sex, which is why you need to have good communication and follow through in the swinging lifestyle.  How should you handle communications? Do you have a primary communicator? What is too much, or not enough? How do you switch from being a passive communicator to active?

Swinging, just like dating is an approach game, knowing how to approach another couple and close the deal. This episode will help with those awkward swinger moments where you don’t know how to turn someone down. Or more importantly how to pick someone up. We cover communication styles and etiquette, letting someone down, and how to close the deal.

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Understanding Swinging & Lifestyle Terminology

We take some time to break down some common swinger lingo and terminology to help you navigate this exciting world of swinging. Of course we throw in a few stories to help spice up this lesson.

While you could go searching across the internet for the definitions to these, we bring them to you in a nice delicious package.

Here are just a few of the terms we cover:

Vanilla Hunting








Soft Swap

Full Swap


Kissing Rule

Same Room


Hall Pass