People tend to overestimate themselves in all things and penis size is no different.  Then you start swinging and now everything gets accentuated!  Swinging makes us vulnerable in different ways.  We want to look good to our new sex partners, perform well, and satisfy them.  All this gets tested in the swinger environment each time you encounter different people.

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  1. Are You Satisfied with Your Penis?
  2. Big Dick Kink
  3. The 70 Year Myth
  4. Big Dick – Advantages & Disadvantages
  5. How to Measure
  6. Average Penis Size
  7. Penis Size by Country
  8. What Affects Penis Size
  9. How to Make Your Dick Bigger
  10. How to Give Your Children a Big Dick


They beat us to the topic, but we did it a little different…

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Comments (2)
  1. Being small ruins your life, I wish I never existed. I feel so ashamed and worthless. If women could choose, all men would be above average. The only reason humans have such large penises (compared to other primates) is due to sexual selection, which tells you all you need to know. It hurts knowing you are sexually worthless to women. What a funny coincidence that every guy doing these podcasts just happens to be big, happy for you mate. Happy that you avoided being rejected and laughed at for 3 decades and that you don’t have to die a virgin.

    • We all struggle with body image issues in one way or another. We were talking with other swingers this weekend at a Halloween party and the subject of penis size came up. Phoebe and I were talking with two other beautiful sexy women and you know what they said? They all agreed that size wasn’t everything. One of the women was a little traumatized by large cocks. The overwhelming sentiment was it was more important to be an attentive lover and that knowing how to use what you have was way more important… So it’s not always like what pornos portray. Sometimes smaller is perfect.

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