Hey there, lifestyle, clothing optional, thrill-seekers! Ed and Phoebe here, and we’ve got a spicy announcement.

Brace yourselves for Libertine Events 2024 – the ultimate takeover experience, and it’s gonna’ be wild!

Find your TRIBE with Libertine Events where you have access to private group chats, host-run seminars, and event surprises around every corner.

Dive into the sultry world of “Miami Vices” this May (May 31-June 3, 2024)….but hurry quick!…it’s already 70% sold out! 

You don’t want to miss this opportunity to hang out with hosts “We Gotta’ Thing”, “Casual Swingers”, “Hump Day Quickies”, and “Expansive Connection”, along with the driving force behind the whole event…Wanderlust Swingers!

PLUS!…Save the dates in October (October 11-14, 2024) because Libertine Events is bringing the heat to San Antonio with “Senses 2024“! We’ll be there, as well as Average Swingers, Mr. and Mrs. Jones, Casual Swingers, Expansive Connection, DJ Life of Spice, and of course Wanderlust Swingers!

Be sure to use Promo Code, “SwingerU” when you purchase your tickets to spice up your experience and support Swinger University. Once again, that’s promo code: SwingerU at checkout.

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